Israel massacring Palestinians to cover up defeats: Hamas


The head of the political bureau of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh, speaking in a televised speech on Wednesday, said Israel was “committing barbaric massacres against unarmed civilians,” vowing that “villainy will not save them from resounding defeat.”

Hamas launched a surprise operation into the Israeli-occupied territories last month in response to Israel’s minting atrocities. 

Afterward, Israel launched an intensive bombing campaign against the Gaza Strip, which has so far left 8,796 people dead, including 3,648 children.

‘Israeli bombardment kills captives’

Haniyeh warned that the Israeli massacre costs the regime the lives of its own prisoners who are under heavy shelling in Gaza.

He said that Israeli captives held in the besieged Gaza Strip were subject to the same death and destruction that Palestinians have been facing.

Hamas has reported that dozens of Israelis remain captive under Israeli bombardments. It says those bombardments should stop to allow for talks with the regime on an exchange of captives.

‘Palestinians defeat Israel’s project’

Haniyeh hailed the resilience of the Palestinians in the face of relentless Israeli bombardments, saying they had defeated the Zionist’s project to bring about a new Nakba (Catastrophe) and mass displacement.

Haniyeh said that ahead of the October 7 operation, Hamas had warned that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “and his fascist [cabinet] will continue their contentious policies.”

The Hamas leader cited the expansion of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank as well as increased settler violence and attacks on al-Aqsa mosque in al-Quds as instances of such policies. 

MNA/Press TV

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