Intl. HR legitimacy depends on practical action in Gaza


Ali Bagheri Kani met and held talks with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk in Geneva on Wednesday.

Regarding the unfortunate situation of human rights in Gaza and the targeted violation of human rights in this area, he stated that efforts should be made to stop war crimes and massacres of the Palestinian people.

He asked the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the highest international human rights authority, to make an effective effort to prevent the killing of innocents and prevent the continuation of serious and systematic violations of the human rights of the Palestinian people by the Zionist regime.

Bagheri Kani emphasized that the Israeli regime’s claim of legitimate self-defense is not acceptable in international law, noting that international regulations do not grant any legitimacy to the occupation’s defense against the occupied people.

Iran’s deputy foreign minister said ” Today, the world is facing the tragedy of all kinds of crimes committed by the Zionists in Gaza, ” stressing that the Zionists are holding a record of the variety of crimes and brutal killings in history.

He clarified that in addition to killing the people of Gaza, the Zionist regime has become the leader in the destruction of all international regulations and rules, therefore, international institutions, especially the mechanisms of the United Nations have a double responsibility for the crimes and aggressions of this brutal regime.

“The variety of crimes committed by the occupiers in Gaza is such that the legitimacy of international human rights mechanisms depends only on their practical action to stop the killings in Gaza,” Bagheri Kani added.

Iran’s deputy foreign minister stated that Iran will make all the efforts to stop the killing of the people of Gaza, sending humanitarian aid immediately, lifting the blockade of Gaza, and preventing the displacement of Palestinians in and out of Gaza.

“Iran is ready to interact with international organizations, including the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to fulfill these human demands,” he said.

Referring to the role and international status of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Bagheri Kani asked Volker Türk to visit Gaza to immediately stop the killing of innocent Palestinians and prevent further violations of human rights.

In this meeting, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for his part expressed his concern about the current situation, saying that his office has played a major role in preparing reports and clarifying violations in the occupied territories in recent years.

Türk also emphasized that in his recent speech at the Human Rights Council meeting, he recommended human rights mechanisms to stop violations in the occupied areas, calling for the end of the occupation.

The High Commissioner considered the crimes of the Zionist regime unacceptable, considering it a violation of humanitarian and international law while expressing concern about the regional effects of the recent developments in Gaza.

At the end, he mentioned that he would be in contact with all parties to stop the attacks and establish a ceasefire, planning to travel to the region as well.


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