Hezbollah says it is ready to infiltrate the occupied territories


TEHRAN- In a meeting with the Iranian media delegation, the field commander for Hezbollah described the ongoing condition in the Gaza war and the Lebanese border, saying the Lebanese Hezbollah is ready to enter the occupied lands and completely capture the Galilee, northern Palestine.

Pointing to the practices and preparations, the commander also said that as soon as the order is issued, “We know how to attack the Israeli auxiliary ships.”

“We are happy that Israel has deployed three brigades of its forces in front of us and it has spent part of its energy,” added the commander.

They have created three defense layers to stop us, yet on the day of war everyone will see how they will be crushed, according to the Hezbollah field commander.    

In the end, he added that by a new technology and initiative, the Lebanese Hezbollah have succeeded to blow up Merkava tanks in two stages with a Kronet rocket.

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