Chinese tech giants remove Israel from their digital maps


an Israeli tank driving near the border with the Gaza Strip on October 31, 2023. (AFP photo)

Chinese tech companies Baidu and Alibaba have reportedly removed Israel’s name from their online maps as the regime’s brutal massacre of Palestinians entered its 25th day on Tuesday.

The Wall Street Journal first reported on Monday that the tech giants show Israel’s borders and cities on their digital maps available online, but they dropped the name “Israel.”

“Baidu’s Chinese language online maps demarcate the internationally recognized borders of Israel, as well as the Palestinian territories, plus key cities, but don’t clearly identify the country by name,” wrote the Journal.

Social media users also shared maps they said confirmed the report.

The report comes as Beijing said it will work with the international community to help end the ongoing Israeli violence in the Gaza Strip.

The Chinese foreign ministry said in a statement that Beijing “always stands on the side of fairness and justice, condemns and opposes all moves that harm civilians and violate international law.”

The Chinese media has also been reprimanding the United States for standing “on the wrong side of history on Gaza.”

Israel has been raining bombs on the Gaza Strip since the regime was caught off-guard by Operation Al-Aqsa Storm by the resistance movement Hamas on October 7.

The regime has also cut off fuel, electricity, food and water to more than two million Palestinians living in the coastal territory. Israeli forces have killed more than 8,500 Palestinians, mostly women and children, ever since.

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