US paralyzed UNSC, blocked resolution on Gaza ceasefire


“This ugly situation was brought about by the fact that, because of the United States position, the Security Council has been virtually paralyzed and has not yet been able to adopt a resolution demanding an urgent ceasefire,” Nebenzia said in a statement at UNSC briefing on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian issue, on Monday.

Referring to the large number of civilian deaths, the Russian envoy stressed that “a humanitarian disaster of biblical scale is unfolding” in the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip.

He also strongly condemned the Israeli regime’s actions in Gaza from a complete siege to a communications blackout that has cut off the strip from the rest of the world and prevented the passage of a humanitarian convoy.

Noting that the Israeli regime decided to implement its plan to expand its ground raids in Gaza after the 193-member UN General Assembly approved a non-binding resolution that calls for an immediate humanitarian truce, the envoy said Tel Aviv is “blatantly ignoring the views of the vast majority of UN members, including many Western nations, on the need to end the violence.”

“Colleagues, your double standards are more than obvious. The people of your own countries, where mass demonstrations in support of the Palestinians are taking place, are already demanding accountability for this double-dealing,” he said, addressing Western delegations on the Council.

He pointed out that Moscow is exerting “intensive” efforts, with the aim of “resolving the crisis as soon as possible.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Nebenzia referred to US strikes on two sites in eastern Syria on Thursday, warning that such “illegitimate and unwarranted actions” may “provoke an armed escalation on the regional scale.”

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that the US is benefiting from chaos in the region.


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