Israel committing crimes against humanity with West support


Saying that the Israeli regime has been committing crimes against humanity in the past 25 days with the support of the US and the European Union, Erdogan told reporters following a cabinet meeting in the capital Ankara on Tuesday that Turkey is holding discussions to make sure that perpetrators behind war crimes in Gaza are held accountable before the law.

Erdogan also criticized Western countries for their complicity in the Israeli regime’s war crimes, Daily Sabah reported.

The Western world, mainly European countries, have failed their humanity lesson once again in Gaza, he said, adding that they have completely lost their credibility.

“Those who are bystanders to the deaths of thousands of Gazan children today will have no credibility for anything they might say on any topic tomorrow,” he said.

Turkish authorities are exploring ways to bring crimes committed by the Israeli regime against Palestinian civilians before the International Criminal Court (ICC), Erdogan further stressed.


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