University professors in Tehran slam Israeli atrocities in Gaza Strip


Professors from different universities in Tehran carry placards and chanted slogans on October 30, 2023 to condemn Israel’s brutal attacks on the oppressed Palestinian people in Gaza. (Photo by Fars news agency)

Professors from different universities in Tehran have gathered in front of the UN representative office to express their support for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and condemn the Israeli regime’s genocide against civilians in the besieged enclave.

On Monday, the Iranian academics carried placards and chanted slogans against Israel and United States, which gave the green light to the Tel Aviv regime to carry out the atrocities against Gazans.

Israel waged the devastating war against Gaza on October 7 after the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas and the Islamic Jihad launched Operation Al-Aqsa Storm in retaliation for the regime’s incessant assaults against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

More than 8,000 Palestinians have so far been killed in Israel’s deadly military campaign, with women, children, and the elderly accounting for some 70 percent of the fatalities.

Ever since launching the war, the regime has been allowing no more than minimal relief supplies past the Rafah border crossing, which is Gaza’s only land terminal with Egypt that bypasses the occupied territories.

The United Nations’ officials have said, though, that the aid supplies hardly correspond to huge needs on the ground.

Iranian university students gathered at the University of Tehran on October 22 in support of the oppressed Palestinian people. University students across the country also held rallies and issued statements to express their hatred towards the occupying regime.

Thousands of students held a rally in the capital on October 25 to condemn Israel’s savage attacks on civilians in Gaza.

Many people and university students gathered on October 19 in front of the Swiss embassy in Tehran, which acts as the interests section for Washington, to denounce the US full support for the Israeli regime’s crimes.

Following the Israeli regime’s airstrikes on al-Ahli Baptist Hospital on October 18, people from all walks of life gathered in Tehran to condemn the brutal move.

At least 500 civilians were killed by Israeli airstrikes on al-Ahli Baptist Hospital amid the regime’s relentless aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip.

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