Crimes in Palestine death of humanitarian values in US, European statesmen’s lexicon: Iran


The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the ongoing Israeli atrocities against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip, arguing that moral and humanitarian values apparently have no place whatsoever in the lexicon of US statesmen and their European allies.

Nasser Kan’ani made the remarks at a weekly press briefing in the Iranian capital city of Tehran on Monday.

He expressed his deep remorse for the loss of more than 8,300 Palestinian lives in the incessant Israeli air raids against various residential neighborhoods across Gaza.

“I also offer my condolences to the international community and freedom-loving nations of the world for the death of ethics and humanitarian values in the lexicon of the US administration and certain European countries,” Kan’ani said.

The top Iranian diplomat described the humanitarian situation in Gaza as more than catastrophic, stressing that the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian nation has been going on for the past 75 years, and the horrendous crimes being perpetrated by Israeli military forces against Gazans actually exposed the racist and apartheid nature of the Tel Aviv regime.

‘Intl. legal committee to investigate Israel’s war crimes’

Kan’ani also called for the formation of an international legal committee to investigate Israel’s war crimes in the Gaza Strip, saying the Tel Aviv regime has carried out all four international crimes, namely crime of aggression, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against Palestinians.

“Sometimes all four crimes have been committed simultaneously,” he said, adding that the legal pursuit and legal and international prosecution of war crimes is an international responsibility that must be especially shouldered by the UN.

The spokesman further said that this committee should then submit its findings to international forums, including the International Court of Justice to hold Israel and its supporters to account.

Israel crossed all red lines: Kan’ani

He underlined that the Iranian Foreign Ministry has been legally following up on Israeli atrocities, and that Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian underscored during his recent speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York that Israel has waged over 20 wars in the West Bank region and is still occupying swathes of land from neighboring countries.

Kan’ani also said Israel has crossed all red lines as well as international principles and regulations in light of its barbaric attacks on the Gaza Strip, stating that the regime has exercised brutality not only against Palestinians but also against the entire humankind.

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry emphasized that the dispatch of humanitarian aid destined for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip has been a serious concern for Iran ever since the Israeli onslaught broke out on October 7.

He further noted that cessation of the Israeli aggression is among the major priorities of the Islamic Republic, stating that Tehran’s efforts are meant to intensify international pressure on Israel to give in to the demand regarding an end to its atrocious campaign in Gaza.

‘You reap what you sow’

Regarding the recent attacks by resistance fighters against US military bases in Syria and neighboring Iraq, Kan’ani said, “Support for tensions will induce reactions. We have drawn attention to this fact time and again. Supporting the aggressor will get nations to react.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Kan’ani criticized the inefficacy of the UN Security Council, saying, “International bodies have, unfortunately, shown their incapacity to fulfill their statutory duties to tackle the crisis.”

“If the Security Council had acted effectively, we would not have seen long years of conflict in Palestine. It is worth mentioning that a number of countries, particularly the United States, hold the Security Council hostage to their interests and do not allow it to carry out its duties,” the diplomat said.

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