US saw answer to its messages in practice on ground: Raeisi


In an interview with Al Jazeera, President Ebrahim Raeisi said that the United States has sent messages to the Axis of Resistance and has seen its answer in a practical and open manner on the field.

“The crimes of the Zionist regime have crossed the humanitarian and military red lines and made everyone mobilize (do something),” Raeisi said.

Today, on the 22nd day of the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the number of martyrs in the Gaza Strip has increased to 7,703, including 3,595 children, and the number of injured has increased to more than 20,000.

In the continuation of his interview with Al-Jazeera, the President also said, “Last night’s defeat of the Zionist regime in the ground attack on Gaza was the second victory after the Al-Aqsa Storm [Operation].”

“The Zionist regime has not achieved any real victory after the Al-Aqsa Storm, instead this is considered a strategic defeat.”

The Zionist army launched a ground operation against the Gaza Strip last night by completely cutting off the Internet and all communications in Gaza, but the Hamas movement forced them to retreat after inflicting heavy losses to the Zionists.

Elsewhere, the Iranian president said, “Washington asks us not to take any action, while it provides extensive support to the Zionist regime, which makes no sense.”

The president emphasized that Iran, along with all Arab and Islamic countries and other countries of the world, agrees with an immediate ceasefire.

Raeisi said that “the US and some European countries put obstacles on the way to a ceasefire in Gaza and this is a crime.”

He emphasized that the US’s calculations in the region proved to be completely wrong, stressing that Washington will never achieve its goals of creating a new Middle East.

“We have made extensive and diverse efforts and our support for Palestine and the Resistance is not flexible.”

“The Resistance in Palestine and the region is independent and they make their own decisions and do not receive any orders from Tehran,” he underscored.

“The Zionist regime and American support are not capable of eliminating the Palestinian Resistance.”

“The US is well aware of our existing capabilities and knows that it cannot overcome them,” the Iranian president concluded.


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