The Western silence is shameful 


TEHRAN- The Western cultural, social, political, and economic institutions have either ignored the massacre of the Palestinian people, or superficially condemned the Israeli war crimes, but, in action, they have supported and even sought the continuation of massive genocide in Gaza. 

The uprising of the people in Gaza against the occupying regime, though painful, has awakened the conscience of the people worldwide.

Gazans’ fight against the Tel Aviv regime has turned into a symbol for free thinkers.

The uprising has unveiled the true face of the self-proclaimed human rights defenders who have adopted shameful double standards regarding the genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza.

The people of Gaza do not need the support of the Western governments. In addition to the direct confrontation with the Zionists, the people in Gaza cannot bear the backstabbing of the German, French, and British politicians. 

The child-killing Israeli regime assassinates the Palestinian resistance leaders and also bombards the residential areas with the greenlight of the Western governments.

Based on Article 18 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, “hospitals, established for the wounded, sick, disabled and pregnant women, should not be attacked. They should be respected and supported by hostile governments at all times.” 

Following the Israeli airstrike on the Al-Ahli hospital on October 17, Western governments remained indifferent and deflected public attention from it.

If the inhumane act of bombarding a hospital had happened in Tel Aviv, the Islamic states had to take responsibility. 

However, the price paid by the Palestinian nation will pay off. They will achieve definite and final victory.

Belief in the victory of the oppressed over the arrogant is the cornerstone of all revolutions, and this is the prelude to the continued victory of the oppressed in Palestine over the occupying regime.

Undoubtedly, according to the Quranic verse “Certainly We wrote in the Psalms after the Torah: ‘Indeed My righteous servants shall inherit the earth,” and the attention of the Islamic Ummah to the oppressed Palestinian people, the final victory will be achieved regardless of the Western support for the Tel Aviv regime.  

The image of the martyrdom of a young Palestinian child in the arms of her father has infuriated the people all across the world. They are clearly seeing that the regime is acting Palestinians in an unbelievably barbaric way. 

The silence and indifference of some Western governments and passivity of international bodies cannot halt the uprising of people. 

The Western politicians have remained silent in the face of Israeli atrocities. They refuse to condemn the brutalities of the regime against the Palestinians.

The silence of the Western governments will bring them shame in the course of history and make the oppressors to dig their own graves.

The price of silence of the Western governments will also cost them dearly.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has acted according to Article 154 of its Constitution. The Constitution considers human happiness as its goal and recognizes the right of all people of the world to enjoy independence, freedom, and the rule of justice.

Unlike the West, Iran has not acted passively. Remaining silent is synonymous with endorsing the cruel actions of the Zionist regime’s rulers. 

While the silence is viewed as a political achievement by the Western leaders, Iran advocates countering the arrogant regime as a legal and international duty.

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