Tehran museum to review Iranian films on Palestine


TEHRAN – The Film Museum of Iran plans to review seven Palestinian-themed Iranian movies in a week-long program, ISNA reported on Friday. 

Parviz Sheikh-Tadi’s film “Saturday’s Hunter”, which is critical of Zionism, will be shown on Saturday, followed by Jamal Shurjeh’s “33 Days” on Sunday, a film about the Israeli 33-Day War with Lebanon in 2006.

“Hiam” by Mohammad Dormanesh, “Canary” by Javad Ardakani, “Another Birth” by Abbas Rafei will also go on screen during the program. 

The museum will also screen “The Lead” by veteran director Masoud Kimiai. 

The program also features Iranian director Seifollah Dad’s 1995 prominent drama, “The Survivor”.

The film is based on Palestinian author Ghassan Kanafani’s novel “Returning to Haifa”. It tells the story of a Palestinian couple who goes back to Haifa after the 1967 war to look for their baby, whom they were forced to leave behind in the war of 1948.

Photo: A scene from “The Lead” by Masoud Kimiai


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