EU to allocate additional 50 million euro to Gaza people


European Commission President told reporters after the first day of the EU summit in Brussels that a contract worth 40 million euros would be signed with agencies of the United Nations. Ten million euros will be allocated to finance the delivery of aid via Egypt.

Von der Leyen reiterated that the European Union has already allocated 75 million euros for the purpose since the start of the conflict, TASS reported.

EU leaders were unable to negotiate a call for a ceasefire between the Israeli regime and Hamas during the Summit in Brussels, instead only calling for humanitarian pauses and opening of humanitarian corridors in the Gaza Strip, says the summit’s outcome statement on the conflict in West Asia. According to multiple diplomatic sources, a number of EU states insisted on a direct call for a ceasefire, but the summit was unable to come to an agreement.

The conflict in Gaza was triggered by Israel’s attack on October 7 following a surprise operation by Hamas-led resistance groups into Israeli-occupied territories in response to Israel’s intensified actions against the Palestinian people.

Israeli regime announced a complete blockade of the Gaza Strip and started carrying out strikes at the enclave and at certain areas of Lebanon and Syria. Clashes also take place in the West Bank.


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