US bases in Iraq, Syria attacked with drones, rockets


The US forces in al-Shadadi occupation base in al-Hasakah, Syria, came under rocket attack, Lebanese Al Mayadeen TV’s correspondent reported.

It was later confirmed, by Al Mayadeen’s sources, that the Islamic Resistance in Iraq was responsible for the attack against American occupation forces in al-Shadadi.

The attack came shortly after the Islamic Resistance in Iraq announced that its Resistance fighters targeted the US occupation Ain al-Assad base in western Iraq, early on Thursday, with drones in a fresh attack.

This comes as the US Central Command told NBC News, on Tuesday, that 24 US soldiers have been wounded as a result of the attacks targeting its occupation bases in Syria and Iraq over the past week.

According to a report by NBC News, the US troops were wounded on October 18 following the drone attack on al-Tanf occupation military base in southeastern Syria, where reportedly 20 soldiers were wounded. Moreover, the attack on Ain al-Assad occupied airbase in western Iraq on the same night resulted in four more injuries, as well as material damage.


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