Saudi Arabia evacuates families of diplomats, staff from Beirut embassy


The Saudi Arabian Embassy in Beirut (File photo)

Saudi Arabia has evacuated family members of its diplomats and staff from the kingdom’s embassy in Beirut amid sporadic firefight between the Israeli regime and the Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah.

The Associated Press reported the evacuation on Tuesday, citing Lebanese airport officials.

As many as 65 people left Lebanon on board two military planes, the officials said, noting that Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Waleed Bukhari as well as the military attaché and other diplomats and staffers had not left the country.

Earlier Riyadh urged its citizens to leave Lebanon immediately.

On Sunday, the United States Embassy in Beirut also urged American citizens to leave Lebanon due to the “unpredictable” security situation.

The Israeli regime and Hezbollah have been exchanging fire on Lebanon’s border with the occupied territories since October 7, when the occupying entity began a relentless war against the Palestinian territory of the Gaza Strip.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the Israeli aggression against Gaza has so far killed more than 5,700 people and left over 18,000 others wounded.

Israel launched the devastating war after the Gaza-based Palestinian resistance groups staged Operation al-Aqsa Storm, a surprise attack on the occupied territories, in response to the Israeli regime’s intensified crimes against the Palestinian people.

Also on Tuesday, Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem said the Lebanese movement was at the core of the regional resistance campaign to defend the blockaded Palestinian territory against the ongoing Israeli aggression.

In a post published on social media, Sheikh Qassem said that Hezbollah had its “finger on the trigger” to whatever extent it deemed necessary to defend Gaza and to face off the occupiers of Palestine.

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