Russia prevents U.S. from mentioning Iran in draft UN resolution


TEHRAN – Russia has reportedly prevented the United States from scapegoating Iran for the outbreak of the Israel-Gaza war that’s resulted in a catastrophic humanitarian crisis in the besieged Gaza Strip.

A U.S.-sponsored draft resolution on the Israeli aggression against Gaza that was expected to be voted on at the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday included no mention of Iran, according to Fox News. 

Earlier, Reuters reported that the draft resolution included a call on Iran to stop its alleged funding of groups such as the Palestinian Hamas group. The original U.S.-led draft resolution stated that “Iran must cease the export of all arms and related matériel to armed militias and terrorist groups threatening peace and security across the region, including Hamas,” according to Fox News. 

Iran strongly rejects any kind of terror funding and groups like Hamas are not considered terrorists by the entire international community. 

In a statement to Fox News Digital, a spokesperson for the U.S. mission to the UN blamed Russia for Iran’s omission from the latest draft resolution.

“Regarding the U.N. resolution, Russia’s mission in New York insisted that references to Iran be removed. I suggest reaching out to the Russians to ask why they made those demands,” the spokesperson wrote.

Russia has introduced its own draft Security Council resolution, which calls for a humanitarian ceasefire. Neither draft resolution was voted on Tuesday, and it’s uncertain when the UN Security Council will next meet to consider the dueling texts, according to Fox News. 

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