No security for occupying criminals, until our people enjoy security, freedom


The head of the political bureau of Palestinian resistance movement Hamas says there will be no security for “criminal occupiers” of Palestine as long as Palestinians do not enjoy security and freedom.

“These [Israeli] criminals do not differentiate between people. They kill children, women, and the elderly, and commit the most horrific massacres throughout the Gaza Strip. In doing so, they are turning a page of shame in their blood-stained history,” Ismail Haniyeh said in a press statement at dawn on Tuesday.

His comments came amid a devastating war that Israel has been waging against the besieged Gaza Strip since October 7, after the Gaza-based Palestinian resistance groups staged Operation al-Aqsa Storm, a surprise attack into the occupied territories, in response to the Israeli regime’s intensified crimes against the Palestinian people.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the Israeli onslaught has so far killed over 5,000 Palestinians, including 2,055 children and 1,119 women, while more than 15,000 people have been injured.

Haniyeh vowed that Palestinian resistance fighters will destroy the occupiers’ strongholds and “no matter how long it takes, they will not enjoy security until our people and children enjoy security, freedom and sovereignty over our blessed land.”

He severely criticized the leaders of the Arab and Islamic countries for their inaction in the face of Israel’s crimes, saying, “How much blood and massacres is needed in order for you to become angry and take a historical stand in the face of the carnage of children, women and the elderly in Gaza?”

Haniyeh also took Western countries to task for “claiming to be advocates of human rights while having their hands immersed in the blood of our innocent people.”

“Through your positions in support of the genocidal war in Gaza, you have fallen from humanity once and for all, and have built a wall between yourselves and the Arab and Islamic nations that will never fall,” he warned the Western backers of Israel.

Leaders of the United States and other Western supporters of Israel have been paying a flurry of visits to the occupied territories since the beginning of the war on Gaza, promising their unbridled military and political support for the regime.

The Western officials allege that the Israeli regime’s genocidal aggression against Palestinians in Gaza is an instance of “self-defense.”

The United States, in particular, has provided the Tel Aviv regime with thousands of arms consignments since the onset of its bloody war on Gaza.

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