Ground op. in Gaza to devour Israeli army troops: IRGC chief


“There is no way for the enemies to win in Palestine and they can do nothing else except aerial bombing. If they do anything on the ground, the Gaza dragon will devour them,” the lead commander of IRGC said in a ceremony in Mashhad on Thursday.

“God performs miracles in every era, and now Gaza is Moses’ staff, and if the Israelis step into Gaza, it will devour them up and they will be buried there,” Salami added.

He also said that the Western states are fully supporting the Israeli regime in doing its crimes in the besieged Gaza Strip, warning them the Muslims’ wrath will one day backfire on the Zionists and their Western backers.

“Now the heads of governments of the United States and Europe go to Tel Aviv every day to give artificial respiration to the dying Zionist regime so that this regime can continue to live with these artificial respirations. They have amassed all their power and with the permission of United States, all the crimes are happening in Gaza and they do not allow humanitarian aid to be delivered to the people of this enclave, but all these actions will create a huge fire in the hearts and minds of Muslims. This wrath will remain and Muslims will not let these clean bloods go in vain.”

The IRGC chief went on note that the Americans have made the entire Muslim world turn against them as their enemies and this enmity is getting stronger day by day.

He continued to criticize the Washington policy of making its enemies more, asking, “Can an American official walk in a street in one of the cities of the Islamic world safely and land his plane in these areas? They should come and return at night. Muslims have united hearts.”

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