Raeisi says Iran ready for economic coop. with Niger


“Steadfastness and resistance in the path of achieving goals and maintaining unity and cohesion is the key to success in achieving independence and freedom,” President Raeisi said in a meeting with visiting Niger’s Foreign Minister Bakary Yaou Sangaré on Wednesday.

The desire of Niger people for independence and the resistance against the European hegemonic policies indicates the real transition of Africa from colonialism, Raeisi said.

Referring to the valuable experiences and capabilities that the Iranian nation has gained in the past four decades, the president emphasized the readiness of the Islamic Republic of Iran to cooperate in economically beneficial areas.

Recalling the hegemonic actions of the Western countries in the contemporary history of the world, the President said that the crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza and the support of the Western countries for these crimes show the racism and colonialism of the Westerners.

In this meeting, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Niger also expressed his satisfaction at seeing the progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran and stated that the purpose of his visit to Iran is to strengthen the friendly relations between the two countries and to raise the level of cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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