Iran will give strong, decisive response to any mistake by enemy: Defense minister


Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani

Iran’s defense minister warns the country would give a decisive, strong response to any miscalculation or mistake by enemies.

“The enemies know that should they make any mistake, they will be met with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s strong and decisive response,” said Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani on Tuesday.

Ashtiani made the remarks while touring the Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research, an Iranian defense ministry subsidiary tasked with developing emerging technologies for use by the country’s military forces.

The minister said during the tour that Iran has to change its defense doctrine to be able to deal with complicated threats it is facing.

“In today’s complicated world, it is necessary for the country to go beyond its current line of defense. Of course, it does not mean trespassing on or violating the borders of other countries,” he said.

The general said that making use of modern and cutting-edge technologies in the fields of cognitive warfare, space equipment and cyber warfare will enable Iran to boost its deterrence power.

Ashtiani’s warning comes amid concerns in the West Asia region about a potential spread of the ongoing conflict in the occupied territories where the Israeli regime is pressing ahead with a relentless military campaign against people in the Gaza Strip.

Iran has warned that it would react militarily to any attack on its interests or citizens while assuring that it would continue to support Palestinian resistance groups in their fight against Israel.

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