Crimes against Gaza committed with direct support of US, West


Raeisi made the remarks in a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday night.

Referring to the 3+3 Format meeting earlier held on Monday in Tehran, Raeisi welcomed the solution of the Caucasus issues by the countries of the region. 

Referring to the will of Iran and Russia to develop the level of their cooperation, Raeisi said that Tehran is determined to implement the bilateral agreements between the two countries.

Touching upon the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, the Iranian president stressed, “What is happening in Gaza is a horrible crime against defenseless and innocent women and children, which is taking place with the direct and official support of the US and other Western countries.”

Today, the US is trying to pursue what it failed to achieve practically regarding supporting the Zionist regime and securing its racist interests by passing a resolution in the UN Security Council, he added.

Lavrov, for his part, said that Russia adheres to the implementation of all its agreements with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Citing that the expansion of cooperation between the countries of the region can ensure the interests and development of all of them, the top Russian diplomat stated, “In today’s meeting, it was emphasized that the issues of the region should be resolved without the interference of foreigners.”

In another meeting with Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan, who is also in Tehran to take part in the 3+3 regional platform meeting, the Iranian president said foreign intervention would harm peace and stability in the Caucasus region.

“Given its strong and influential position, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to help resolve the existing disputes between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia,” Raeisi added.

He noted that Iran attaches importance to the security of the Caucasus countries and warned against the destructive role of the US, the Israeli regime, and Western countries in disrupting peace and stability in the region.

Pointing to the ongoing Israeli regime’s crimes in Gaza and blatant support of the US and its Western allies for the regime, Raeisi said all countries must realize that these arrogant regimes will never be their true friends.

He emphasized that the current events in Gaza are a manifestation of the “racist and apartheid” policies of the Zionists against the regional nations and proof of the gross mistake in establishing relations with the usurping Israeli regime.

The Iranian president said US support for the Israeli regime’s criminal acts in Gaza was a continuation of Washington’s failed policy on attacking Iraq and Afghanistan.

“We are confident that the events taking place in Palestine these days will end in favor of Palestinians,” Raeisi pointed out.

The Armenian foreign minister, for his part, praised Iran’s powerful and clear stance on the developments in the Caucasus and stressed the importance of holding more meetings and negotiations among the regional countries at the current sensitive juncture.

Mirzoyan condemned the Israeli regime’s acts of aggression against Palestinian civilians, especially women and children in Gaza, and said Armenia shares a stance with Iran regarding the Palestinian issue.

In a separate meeting with Turkey’s top diplomat Hakan Fidan on Monday, Raeisi stressed, “As much as we believe that the dialogue between the countries of the Caucasus region will be the basis for solving the problems, we consider the interference of foreigners to complicate the issues and intensify the problems of the region.”

He also emphasized the need for the convergence of Islamic countries in making the Zionists stop the Gaza bombing and establish a ceasefire.

Fidan, for his part, considered the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in establishing peace and stability in the region to be effective and decisive.


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