West complicit in crimes of Israel, resistance ready on all fronts: Senior Hezbollah official


Sayyed Hashem Safieddine, head of the Executive Council of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, speaks at a ceremony in the southern Lebanese border village of Kunin on October 21, 2023.

A high-ranking official with the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah says Western countries are complicit in the crimes of Israel against the people of Palestine.

Head of Hezbollah Executive Council, Sayyed Hashem Safieddine, said during a ceremony in the southern Lebanese border village of Kunin on Saturday that resistance fighters are fully prepared to confront the occupiers on all fronts.

“The West rushed to save Israel once the regime plunged into turmoil and its existence was at stake. The chances are fairly high for Western statesmen to annihilate other nations as the desire for revenge runs through their minds.”

“The US, European and certain Western countries are run by gangs and mafias instead of state institutions.”

“Our resistance fighters, whom we have always taken pride in, have been fighting for a righteous cause and defending our homeland and sanctities at all times,” the top Hezbollah official said.

“What is taking place is Gaza is not constrained to the enclave and Palestine, as its fallout will affect the entire region.”

He said the Israeli enemy is still occupying Lebanese territories and devising plots to avenge the humiliating defeat suffered at the end of the 33-day war against Lebanon in 2006. 

The top Hezbollah official also hailed the steadfastness and resilience of Gazans, saying, “The Palestinians will not abandon resistance.”

“Resistance fighters have their fingers on the trigger, and are fully prepared to fight on till the end of the road.

“The massacres being committed in the Gaza Strip will further strengthen Arab and Muslim nations’ resolve to continue threading the path of resistance,” Safieddine said.

“They (Israeli forces) cannot manage to kill off the spirit of resistance in us,” the senior Hezbollah official stated. Resistance fighters will shape the future of Gaza and the Palestinian lands at large, he said.

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