Iranian knowledge-based firms visit Armenia for coop. talks

The Center for International Interactions of the Iranian Vice Presidency for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy dispatched a business and technological delegation to Armenia a few days ago to hold B2B meetings and examine opportunities to get their products to that country’s market as well as European markets from there.

According to the vice presidency’s report, the Iranian delegation consisted of representatives of 15 Iranian knowledge-based companies.

“Being a neighbor and fast and cheap transportation is the positive feature of this country (Armenia) for exports. The economy of that country underwent many changes after gaining independence and witnessed good growth in 2018 and 2019. This country imports various goods from other countries, especially neighboring countries. Meanwhile, Iran is considered one of the main exporters to Armenia, and is trying to improve its status in the market of that country,” the report added.

The vice presidency’s report added, “Meeting with the Ministry of High-tech Industries of Armenia was the first program on the agenda of the Iranian delegation on the trip to the neighboring country.  During the program, the companies got acquainted with the general policies of the country in importing Iranian knowledge-based products. Next, a meeting was held with Armenia’s Ministry of Economy and the union of manufacturers and businessmen of Armenia for companies. In these meetings, the Iranian delegation examined the strategies to enter the Armenian market, and also the types of support and exemptions that Armenia provides.”

The Iranian delegation stayed three days in the neighboring country and held other B2B meetings with businesses and government economic institutions there, the report concluded.


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