Intl. fashion, architecture festival to make debut in Iran


TEHRAN – The first edition of the international festival of fashion and architecture is planned to be held in Iran in April 2024. 

The festival aims to identify exceptional professionals, professors, designers, and artists in the fields of photography, fashion, and architecture, IRNA quoted the secretary of the event as saying on Sunday. 

Additionally, the festival aims to create opportunities for communication and collaboration between designers, photographers, and major companies in the industry, Mehran Ariainia explained. 

The festival seeks to exhibit the works of the selected artists and promote innovative concepts and approaches related to architecture, photography, and fashion, he added. 

He also noted that the festival also aims to enhance the growth and propagation of Iranian culture through modern and traditional design. 

“By integrating fashion and architecture, the festival intends to establish the necessary foundation and framework for progression towards favorable conditions concerning architecture, fashion, and architectural photography.”

The event targets architecture students and graduates, as well as architecture design and construction companies, talented architecture designers, and students of technical and professional academies, he explained. 

The festival also welcomes fashion and clothing design students and graduates, clothing design companies and boutiques, as well as talented clothing design students and photographers, including photography students, graduates, and amateurs, he added. 

He expressed hope that the festival would facilitate opportunities for designers to interact and form connections. He added that the first festival is free of charge, and no application fee is required. They anticipate a high turnout of students and graduates in the fields of fashion and architecture.

The festival features eight awards in the area of architecture, eight prizes in the field of fashion, the selection of an architect of the year, the selection of the best clothing designer, and the best photographer of the year, among other prizes, he mentioned. 

He also pointed out that Iran is at the forefront of Islamic clothing globally. “Still, the country has not taken any significant action towards promoting this industry, resulting in Iranian clothing being categorized under world fashion, which is a fundamental problem.”

He stated that the festival aims to discover and showcase authentic talent in the fields of fashion design, architecture, fashion, and photography. 

The ultimate goal is to introduce Iranian designers to the world and establish the country as a hub of authentic Islamic fashion, he concluded. 


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