Hamed Haddadi joins Iranian club Zob Ahan


TEHRAN – Ex-Iran basketball team center Hamed Haddadi joined Zob Ahan on a one-year contract.

At the end of the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup, Haddadi, who has played in prestigious basketball leagues like the NBA, bade farewell to the national team by kissing the court and cheering the fans.

“Although I had negotiations with Chinese club Sichuan Blue Whales but the deal didn’t go through, so I’ve made the decision to play in Iran next season,” Haddadi said.

Haddadi spoke about his farewell to the Iran national team and his nonattendance at the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games.

“Actually, I intended to be on the Asian Games team, but the intense World Cup games caused me to decide to retire from the national team. I felt physically exhausted and depleted. I always tried to give my best for the national team.

“Moreover, I believe that some changes were necessary for the national team. It was at that point that I conversed with Javad Davari, president of the Iran Basketball Federation, and reached the conclusion,” said the 38-year-old star.

Hadaddi also shared his thoughts on Iran national team’s performance at the 2022 Asian Games.

“I watched all of Iran’s matches. They gave their best, but this is the necessary process for the national team to change a generation of players.

“Basketball is the game of moments, and you witnessed Iran’s impressive comeback against the Philippines, only to lose in the final seconds. The beauty of basketball lies in these critical moments.

“I hope the national team receives support from the basketball community,” concluded Haddadi.

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