Any foolish move by Israel to be met by decisive response from Resistance: general


TEHRAN – A senior Iranian general has warned that any foolish move by the Israeli regime would be met with a decisive response from the Resistance front.

The official, General Ali Fadavi, who is the deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), said a ground invasion of Palestinian soil by Israel will result in a resounding defeat for the Israeli regime. 

“The resistance front has reached maturity, and if the evil people of the world want to do the stupid act of entering the Palestinian territory, they will face a disgraceful failure and will receive a regret-causing response from the resistance front,” General Fadavi said, according to Fars News. 

He added, “As we saw yesterday, they planned to take action and received a strong reaction from the resistance. Thanks God, the resistance front has reached full maturity throughout the region and can plan and act on its own.”

The General pointed out that the Zionists are the political offspring of America and England and were formed by the them. “These are the evil Zionists who have worldly goals,” he added. 

He noted, “The Zionists have no way to win this battle because the false front cannot win.”

Underlining that child-killing is a sign of weakness, General Fadavi said, “Zionists killing children is because of their weakness and they don’t dare to engage with the fighters of the resistance front. In these two weeks, they cannot even mention the names of 20 fighters of the resistance front who were martyred, the only martyrs of this battle were innocent children and women.”

He stated, “The child-killing regime and its supporters are on life support. Human rights institutions have never existed because tyrants have created them.”

Israel has killed thousands of Palestinian civilians since October 7, when it launched airstrikes against the Gaza Strip following an attack by the Palestinian resistance groups on Israeli sites.

Amnesty International has said that Israel committed war crimes. 

“Our research points to damning evidence of war crimes in Israel’s bombing campaign that must be urgently investigated. Decades of impunity and injustice and the unprecedented level of death and destruction of the current offensive will only result in further violence and instability in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories,” said Agnès Callamard, the secretary-general of the human rights group.

Israel’s killing spree in Gaza has also caused a global outcry. 

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