Guardian Council member to Western officials: You confirm Israeli crimes 


TEHRAN – A member of Iran’s Guardian Council says the visit of Western officials to the occupied territories approves of the “war crimes” being committed by the occupying regime of Israel, IRNA reported on Saturday.

Wring on his X post, Abbasali Kadkhodaei added that the responsibility for the crimes by the Zionist regime is definitely directed at the American, German, and British governments, which have provided the basis for committing crimes. 

After the October 7 Al-Aqsa Storm, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and U.S. President Joe Biden visited Tel Aviv to voice their unwavering support for the Israeli regime.

The Palestinian resistance forces launched a comprehensive and unprecedented operation, dubbed Al-Aqsa Storm, from Gaza (southern Palestine) on October 7 against the positions of the Zionist regime in the occupied territories.

With the operation entering its 15th day and continuous victories by the resistance fighters, Tel Aviv continues bombing residential areas and religious and medical centers in Gaza.

The bombardment of the residential areas, the complete siege of the Gaza Strip, and the cut order are all considered concrete examples of war crimes.

According to the United Nations, almost 493,000 women and girls in Gaza have been forced to migrate and leave their homes, about 1.4 million people have been displaced in Gaza and more than 544,000 people have been accommodated in 147 emergency shelters provided by the United Nations.

Following the recent attacks of the Zionist regime on Gaza, 5,500 buildings, including 14,200 residential units, have been completely destroyed.


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