Raisi censures US for rejecting UN resolution to end war on Gaza

TEHRAN – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has said that the U.S. rejection of a UN Security Council resolution demanding a halt to Israel’s atrocities and attacks against the people of Gaza is double oppression against the Palestinian people and humanity.

Speaking at a gathering in Tehran on Thursday to celebrate Iran’s outstanding accomplishments in health sector, Raisi said the ongoing events against the Palestinians in Gaza undermine the West’s claims to be an advocate of civilization, freedom, and human rights.

On Wednesday, the U.S. blocked a UN Security Council resolution that called for the cancellation of an order to evacuate residents in northern Gaza to the south of the coastal enclave in anticipation of a massive ground invasion by Israel.

As a result of Israeli airstrikes and shelling, over a million people have been forced to flee Gaza. The regime has also kept the enclave under siege by shutting off water, power, and food supplies to the more than 2.3 million people who live there.

‘Heartbreaking events in Gaza’

The president referred to the events in Gaza as “heartbreaking”, saying they incited resentment and rage toward the U.S. and the Israeli regime among people worldwide.

“U.S. complicit in crimes against humanity in Gaza”

The president stressed that “crimes against humanity” and “genocide” are being committed in Gaza by the U.S., Israel, and its allies.

The president predicted that what is happening in Gaza will shape the face of the world. “We believe that the blood of the oppressed Palestinian martyrs will definitely shatter the current world order and will establish a just system in the world.” 

He said nations throughout the world are outraged by the existing unfair international order, citing the continuous mistreatment of women and children in Gaza as proof.

The draft resolution sponsored by Brazil sought to facilitate humanitarian access to Gaza in the midst of Israeli bombings and shelling.

Inventing a justification to veto the draft resolution, U.S. Ambassador to UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said, “This resolution did not mention Israel’s right of self-defense.”

The United States has been blindly supporting Israel for decades, obstructing international efforts to hold the Zionist regime responsible for its malicious acts.

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