Intelligence minister: Harsh and devastating revenge awaits Tel Aviv

TEHRAN – The freedom and justice seekers in the region will not let the Westerners go unpunished for their support of Israel, the Iranian Minister of Intelligence said on Saturday.

“The supports should await the divine revenge that will be imposed on them by the hands of people,” said Esmail Khatib.

Khatib outlined that the revenge would be “harsh, destructive, deadly and destructive”.

In the meeting of the administrative council of Lorestan Province in Khorramabad, Khatib condemned the mass killing and genocide of the Zionist regime in Gaza. 

The Israeli war crimes, according to Khatib, are being carried out in front of all the claimants of human rights.

“The catastrophic act will be engraved in history as the betrayal toward humanity and these war crimes will result in the irreversible defeat of the normalization process,” the minister stated. 

According to Khatib, certain governments’ efforts to win the attention of the U.S. in the region will be fruitless, since the equation has changed. 

The minister also called the Al-Aqsa Storm operation as “the most complex, intelligent, brave and effective operation of the resistance front, which was deadly, irreparable for the Zionist regime and will cause a serious strategic change in the regional and global equations.”

On the fake power of the Zionist regime, he said “Tel Aviv will never enjoy security,” outlining the exacerbated social, and political fractions both within and outside the Israeli regime. 

“The trust, hope, deterrent power, and the security of the occupiers will be taken away,” Khatib noted, saying the Al-Aqsa Storm operation proved that powers, equipment, and technologies cannot be a source of security for those who have started atrocities.

The U.S. is responsible for the bloodshed in the Gaza Strip since it backs the Israeli regime, stated Khatib, pointing to Biden’s visit to Tel Aviv and his unwavering support for Israel.  
“Massacre of the defenseless Palestinians,” said the minister, “showed that human rights are a tool in the hands of the superpowers to pursue their cruel goals.”

“The Security Council has not done anything to support the oppressed,” added Khatib. 

This is while on Wednesday, the ceasefire drafts suggested by Brazil and Russia were vetoed by the U.S. in the urgent meeting of the UN Security Council since Israel’s rights for what is called “self-defense” were not mentioned in drafts, according to the American officials.

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