Harsh, crushing revenge awaits Israel


Iran’s Intelligence Minister Esmail Khatib says the United States and all those governments that support Israel will have to pay a heavy price for the regime’s atrocities in the fully besieged Gaza Strip.

“They must await a divine revenge that will befall them through the public. It will be a harsh, destructive, mortal and annihilating revenge for the Zionist regime and its advocates,” Khatib said on Saturday.

“Regardless of the fact that freedom-loving people and much of the international community are supportive of the Palestinian nation, the US president made a trip to the occupied territories, trampled on the blood of the oppressed and voiced support for the Zionist regime.”

Khatib underscored that the oppressed, defenseless and ordinary people of Palestine are facing maladies, violence, injuries and destruction on a daily basis, “all of which originate in the United States.”

The Iranian minister said Washington and all Israel’s supporters should know that the people of the region, together with freedom-loving, justice-seeking and anti-oppression people worldwide, “will not let such support go unpunished.”

The minister also denounced in the strongest terms the appalling crimes of Israel in Gaza, stating that the atrocities are being committed just before the eyes of the so-called advocates of human rights. Khatib said the horrendous crimes have “irreparably ruined the course of normalization of ties with Israel.”

The governments that sought to appease the US by normalizing relations with Israel should bear in mind that circumstances have changed, and normalization attempts will get nowhere, the Iranian intelligence minister said.

Health officials in Gaza say the Israeli bombardment has killed at least 4,385 people since October 7, when fighters from Hamas resistance movement launched an unprecedented large-scale attack against the occupying regime. More than 14,000 individuals have also been injured. 70 percent of the fatalities includes children, women and the elderly.


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