Aid ‘a lifeline’ for war-torn Gaza, UN chief says


At the Rafah crossing, the only crossing point between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, Guterres said, “These trucks are not just trucks, they are a lifeline. They are the difference between life and death for so many people in Gaza,” AFP reported.

“We absolutely need to have these trucks moving as quickly as possible and as many as necessary,” the UN chief said, adding there needed to be trucks entering “every day into Gaza to provide enough support for the Gazan people.”

Before the press conference, the UN chief inspected the aid convoy waiting to enter Gaza at the Rafah crossing for days.

On October 7, the Palestinian combatants launched a surprise operation, dubbed Al-Aqsa Storm, outside Gaza after Israeli settlers stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in recent days and a record number of Palestinians were killed by Israel in recent months.

The Zionist regime responded by pounding the besieged Gaza Strip after formally declaring war against the Palestinian Hamas group.


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