US gives green light to Zionists for more bloodshed in Gaza


Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani made the remarks in a a phone call with his Iraqi counterpart General Sabet Muhammad Saeed Reza Al Abbasi on Friday.

The Iranian minister described the Palestinian Resistance Al-Aqsa Storm Operation as a legitimate defense to fight the occupation, condemning the Zionist regime and its Western allies’ onslaught on Gaza under the pretext of the operation. 

He stated that the American government supports the brutal regime by sending arms shipments and meeting the military needs of the Zionist regime from its regional bases, condemning Washington’s move in vetoing a ceasefire resolution at the UNSC.

Ashtiani further described the US backing of the Zionist regime as giving it the green light to continue slaughtering the oppressed Palestinian people.

The Iraqi Defense Minister, for his part, said that the Zionist regime showed its true face by attacking the Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza.

Referring to the firm positions of the Prime Minister of his country regarding Palestine, General Sabet Muhammad Saeed Reza Al Abbasi said that, “The Iraqi Prime Minister has strongly condemned the crimes of the Zionist regime in his recent meetings in Moscow and Geneva.”

He stated that the positions of the Iraqi government regarding the Zionist regime are firm in rejecting any normalization, and explained, “The Prime Minister of Iraq is consulting with the authorities of Arab and Islamic countries to create an alliance between the Islamic Ummah in order to help the oppressed people of Gaza.”

The Iraqi minister further thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for its strong position in supporting the people of Gaza and said, “The Republic of Iraq is ready to send humanitarian aid to Gaza.”


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