Biden stands by Zionists’ genocide in Gaza Strip


TEHRAN – Joe Biden, the U.S. president, claimed on Wednesday that it seems that the attack on the Al-Ahli Hospital in the city of Gaza on Tuesday night was the result of a rocket fired mistakenly by a group in Gaza. The U.S. failed to provide any evidence for his claim.

“According to the information we have seen, the explosion in the hospital in Gaza seems to have been the result of rocket fire from Gaza,” the president said in his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv.

Upon his visit to Tel Aviv, Biden also said other countries and groups should not think about attacking Israel.

Biden, who traveled to the occupied territories to show solidarity with the Zionist regime, also said he would send a request to Congress this week to consider an unprecedented military aid package to Israel.

This is while the U.S. officials kept backing Tel Aviv since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Storm operation on October 7.

Netanyahu, in his meeting with Biden, termed the U.S-Tel Aviv cooperation “unprecedented,” stressing the high-level support of Washington for Israel.

Later, Netanyahu said the world should unite to defeat Hamas. 

On October 7, the Hamas resistance group carried out an unprecedented surprise attack in the occupied territories. The attack dealt a blow to Israel which it has not seen in its 75 years of history. 
Biden, for his part, said, “I wanted to come to Israel so that people here and the whole world know that we are with Israel.”

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