Al-Ahli Hospital turns into a pool of blood 


TEHRAN- Tel Aviv’s brutality peaked on October 17, when 500 Gazans were martyred and some 600 injured.

As a result of Israel’s airstrike on the Al-Ahli Hospital in central Gaza, the number of Palestinian martyrs surged to 3500 with some 12,500 injured.

Upon the 11th day of the Al-Aqsa Storm operation, Israel’s airstrike on the hospital unveiled the Zionists’ bloodthirsty nature. Even the number of Palestinians martyred and injured in the single attack made words fail.
The genocide made October 17 to be remembered in history. Tears, piles of dead bodies, and innocent children are all engraved in the minds of billions around the world. Neither the West’s scape-forward nor Tel Aviv’s projection can erase the picture of innocent faces of Gazan children from the memories.

“All those killed in the attack on the hospital in Gaza were civilians,” the spokesperson for the besieged enclave’s health ministry was quoted as saying by Al Jazeera. “All the wounded were civilians, too.”

“Never before, in any other conflict that broke out between the Palestinians and the Israelis, was this hospital ever under attack,” he said. “We are now concerned about other hospitals in the enclave.”

This is while Israel and its Western backers had called the war crimes in Gaza “self-defense”. 

Schools, residential areas, and hospitals have not been safe for civilians in the Gaza Strip. 

The cut order, which was issued on October 7, deprived the Gazans of food, water, electricity, and medicine. 

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