Israel opened up gates of hell to itself with Gaza atrocities: Iran parliament speaker


Iran’s parliament speaker has denounced the devastating Israeli military onslaught against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip, stating that the occupying Tel Aviv regime will be finished off once Muslims’ growing anger over its endless atrocities boils over.

“The Zionists are opening up the gates of hell with their own hands and are filling all Muslims with wrath. They will destroy themselves by means of such atrocities. Last night, the evil Zionists committed an appalling genocide against the oppressed Ganazs just before the eyes of the international community,” Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf said on Wednesday as he addressed an open parliamentary session.

He added, “The Zionists revealed their ugly face and bloody hands to the world, and showed that human rights and international institutions have become utterly meaningless in our era.”

The senior Iranian lawmaker noted that the era of condemnatory statements and fake expressions of regret is over, emphasizing that the world is waiting for practical measures.

Muslims are ready to make sacrifices in order to confront the Israeli regime, Qalibaf said.

“Muslim and Arab nations expect their governments to devote concerted practical measures aimed at stopping this war machine and censuring these crimes,” he noted.

Iran: Israel committed suicide with Gaza hospital massacre

Meanwhile, the Iranian government condemned in the strongest terms the ongoing Israeli crimes against Palestinians, stating that the Tel Aviv regime opted to be annihilated by Palestinian and regional Muslims with the bombardment of the al-Ahli al-Arab Hospital, also known as the Baptist Hospital, in Gaza.

“This crime will certainly not go unpunished. European and American statesmen are also complicit in the crimes of the [Israeli] regime,” it said in a statement, stressing that the attack on the hospital deeply shocked the whole world and was fairly heart-rending to all freedom-loving people worldwide.

The statement further called the attack, which resulted in the loss of at least 500 lives and wounded hundreds of others, a clear example of war crime, genocide, and massacre of women, children and defenseless patients.

“The Zionist regime demonstrated the depth of its brutality, ignominy and disregard for all human rules and principles, and exhibited its inhumane nature to all,” it added.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran, while condemning this heinous crime in the strongest terms, calls on the international community and the United Nations to take immediate actions to stop the crimes of the child-killing and racist Zionist regime. It also reminds the responsibility of each government, the UN Security Council as well as the International Criminal Court to prosecute Israeli authorities for their heinous international crimes against the oppressed Palestinian nation living under occupation.”

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