86th navy flotilla not pay attention to threats, sanctions


Addressing the ambassadors and attaches of destination countries of the Iranian Navy’s 86th Task Group, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, Commander of the Iranian Army Navy said, “As you know, naval forces all over the world, in addition to their military role, have security, humanitarian and, most importantly, diplomatic roles, and naval diplomacy helps the diplomatic apparatuses of countries.”

As the Leader of the Islamic Revolution has once said, the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a political, international, scientific, and military strategic force that can be effective in deepening the country’s diplomacy, just like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Irani said.

Harboring in the port of Mumbai in India, visiting the port of Jakarta in Indonesia, visiting the shores of Chile for the first time, and crossing the Strait of Magellan was part of the mission of Iran’s navy flotilla, he said.

“It was honorable that we did not pay attention to the threats, sanctions, and doubts,” he said, hailing the destination countries for showing the will and courage in the face of threats.


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