2 drug-smuggling bands dismantled, over 1 ton drugs seized

The commander of Second Brigadier General Ahmad Taheri made the announcement on Sunday, saying that following the intelligence activities of the police forces of the province, two drug-trafficking bands that were trying to transfer drug consignments to the center of the province, were identified and dismantled.

During the first operation, 2 smugglers were arrested in their hideout in addition to confiscation of 416 kg of various types of , consisting of 242 kg of , 161 kg of crustal and 95 kg of opium juice. 

According to the police chief, the police forces have managed to arrest one smuggler and seize 512 kg of hashish in the second operation that took place last night in

is at the forefront of the fight against and thousands of Iranian forces have been so far martyred to protect the world from the danger of .

Despite high economic and human costs, the Islamic Republic has been actively fighting drug trafficking over the past decades.


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