17th Astana conference on Syria held

Tehran (ISNA) – The 17th Astana conference on was held with participation of delegations from Iran, , , Syria and the opposition. Lebanese and Iraqi delegations also took part as observers.

On the first day of this meeting, the Iranian delegation headed by Ali Asghar Khaji, the special adviser to the foreign minister had a detailed meeting with the Russian delegation headed by Russia’s for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev.

During the meeting different Syrian issues, including the situation in Idlib and the south, the formation of the seventh session of the constitution, the aggression against Syria, U.S. withdrawal from and Syria, and the results of the Russian delegation’s visit to Tehran were discussed.

The two sides stressed the need to preserve the sovereignty of Syria, and stressed the need for a future meeting of the constitutional committee. The Iranian side once again stressed the withdrawal of American troops from Syrian territory.

It was also decided that the Astana Summit of heads of state be held in Tehran at the beginning of the next Christian calendar year. The meeting of foreign ministers will also be held before the summit of heads of state.

On the first day of the , the Iranian delegation also met with the Turkish delegation. In this meeting, while emphasizing the brotherly and historical relations between the two countries, the following issues were discussed:

-The Astana Summit of heads of state will be held in Tehran at the beginning of next year.

– The Astana foreign ministers’ meeting will be held before the main summit.

– Emphasizing the need for the Syrian constitutional committee to continue its work to achieve the desired goals and review new plans of mutual interest and the need to deepen and consolidate the as the most important and effective political process to resolve Syria’s problems.

– The issue of U.S. withdrawal from Syria and the different possibilities of this topic.

– The situation of the Syrian Kurds in the light of U.S. withdrawal from and the need for greater reconciliation between the Syrian Kurds and the Syrian government, especially following the published news about the possibility of the U.S. withdrawal from Syria

– The issue of Syrian refugees and the need to provide proper conditions for their voluntary return to increase trust inside Syria and ease the problems of the refugee hosting countries.

– Expressing concern over the resumption of Daesh activities in the region and the need to confront it.

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